Raffeiner sets an example for climate protection

On 27 September 2019, the “Fridays for Future” movement is calling on all people to join the cross-generational Earth Strike. Together they want to set an example for responsible climate and environmental policy!

Employer* and employee* involvement Fridays For Future activists stress that on 27 September 2019 workers should also take part in the protests. Many companies will therefore close their offices, shops and online shops either all day or during the strike to draw attention to the climate crisis and allow employees to participate in the Earth Strike.

Acting is not just talking: Our company has also thought about how we can participate meaningfully in this campaign. The obligation to preserve an environment worth living in for future generations is very important to us. Now we cannot and will not oblige you to take part in these strikes, of course, but:

We thought that we would release this working day to all of you who want to make a statement on Friday and want to take part in Earth Strike with a campaign (no matter if you want to take part in Earth Strike or just want to set a climate-friendly course of action).